Dear friends!

Dear parents of our patients!

 We believe that the birth of a child is the greatest joy for every family. But, unfortunately, sometimes this joy is overshadowed by these two words -  cerebral palsy. Many families perceive them as a sentence, life loses meaning and its colour. But is it always so? To answer the question you should contact the Health Institution "Brest Region Centre of Medical Rehabilitation for children with psycho-neurological diseases" Tonus ", which for the past 20 years has helped children suffering from cerebral palsy and other neuropsychiatric diseases in the age from 1 month to 18 years.

Visit of a young patient to the center begins with an in-depth examination by neurologist, orthopedist, pediatrician, ophthalmologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, speech therapist, each of which concludes not about the severity of disturbances (for us it is secondary), but the reserve abilities of the child's body. It is particularly difficult to assess them in the first years of life, that’s why our Centre uses special techniques, such as the Vojta method, Munich functional developmental diagnosis by Theodor Hellbrugge, assessment of factors that disrupt the normal motor development in the first year of life (according to B. Tsukunft-Huber) and others. For older children modern methods of neurological, psychological and educational assessment are also used.

According to the results of the examination the individual program of rehabilitationis made up for each patient; it includes a range of medical, psychological, speech therapy, educational and social activities. Their implementation is possible through the use of multidisciplinary brigade form of organization of the rehabilitation process. Such brigades are led by neurologists. A multidisciplinary approach has been implemented not only in a variety of rehabilitation specialists, but also have a special training in various areas of rehabilitation of each of them. Center’s specialists studied and adapted to the world's best techniques to help children with diseases of the nervous system. The unique combination of physical rehabilitation techniques, such as Vojt therapy and Bobath therapy, individual complexes of physiotherapy and therapeutic massage, the use of costumes"Adelie", "Phaeton", "Gravistat", a simulator "Gross" , psychological correction and other methods that allow to obtain effect in a shorter period of time and to realize thereby a comprehensive model of intensive rehabilitation.

According to the results of work of the Center, it was awarded with diplomas, thanks diplomas of administrative and executive authorities. In 2011, the center was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus. Professional skills of many employees of the center are also noted with the state awards, honorary degrees, diplomas and gratitude.

We are working for the result.

The level of medical service at our Center is not inferior to leading European centers. It is possible we are the ones who can help your child. We always get the result!!!